Swamp Tours


A quiet spot to reflect- and watch alligators- at Bird Rookery Swamp Preserve near Naples, Florida.

white flower

I don’t know the name of this delicate white flower. 

purple flower

Unknown purple blossom

palm (1 of 1)

We took a photo tour on a swamp buggy at Babcock Ranch Preserve near Punta Gorda, Florida.

Babcock (4 of 4)

Click to enlarge- there are at least 7 baby gators in this photo.

Hog (1 of 1)

Feral hogs cause tremendous damage to the ecosystem. Sows have a litter of up to 8 babies 3 times a year!

Hog babies (1 of 1)

These little ones might look cute, but they are nasty.


Wild Osceola turkeys- they don’t seem to be worried about Thanksgiving approaching.


Is this a hibiscus?

Fire in the Sky


I’ve Been Waiting 3 Months for a Sunrise of this Magnitude! It looked like flames shooting up from the Wisconsin bluffs.



These shots are in reverse order rather than chronological order.


It was obvious while still mostly dark that this would be a memorable sunrise.

Utah, Day 8 Part 3


Part of Moki Dugway Road




Looking down at the road ahead


I’m missing water!

Waterpocket Fold-1

Waterpocket Fold, a 100-mile long wrinkle in the earth’s surface.

Waterpocket Fold-2

Waterpocket Fold, on the edge of Capitol Reef National Park.

Waterpocket Fold-3

What bizarre landscape!

Utah, Day 8 Part 2

Slot Canyon

Slot Canyon-1

We explored this small slot canyon just off the road.

Slot Canyon-2

The canyon walls reach toward each other but do not meet,

Slot Canyon-3

The canyon floor is sandy with a bit of brackish water at the very end of the slot.

Slot Canyon-5

The intrepid explorer


Slot Canyon-4

Utah, Day 8 Part 1

The Burr Trail

We spent most of the day in the Jeep- about 8 hours, in fact. The scenery was beyond spectacular all day. From Torrey we took Highway 12, and then turned on to Burr Trail near the town of Boulder.


Burr Trail-1

Petrified Sand Dunes

Burr Trail-2

This is gorgeous country

Burr Trail-3

The white formations give way to red.

Burr Trail-4

Burr Trail-9

Each vista is breath-taking.




Utah, Day 7


Rise and shine! The sunrise view from our air bnb on the banks of the Fremont River near Torrey, Utah.


The Aspens are gorgeous in the higher elevations. We drove our trusty jeep up to Bluebell Knoll, 11,328 feet above sea level. We were told this is the highest forest in the U.S. It was much cooler at this altitude- almost 20 degrees cooler than in Torrey. 


We ate a picnic lunch at the Aquarius Guard Station on the Aquarius Plateau, shown here. The station is a 2-room cabin that can be rented for overnight stays.



Autumn colors are showing.



Back to the red rocks of Capitol Reef.